Be a Planner, Save Money $$

     The saying ” failure to plan is planning to fail” rings true in healthy eating. What if you could save money and lose inches at the same time. Well, you can do both, if you plan. Planning what you eat can prevent overeating and spending too much.  You will find helpful tips that have been saving money. So, if you are ready to be a planner keep reading.   IMG_2144   Grocery Money Saving Tips:
  1. Check the weekly ads and websites of your local grocers
  2. Download coupons connected to reward cards, so no clipping or remembering to bring them
  3. Plan your meals based on what’s on sale
  4. Take inventory of what you already have, so won’t purchase what you need
  5. Determine your food mood ( what do I feel like eating?)
  6. No unplanned grocery trips! 
  7.  Shop on Wednesday or Thursdays for mark-down food.
  8. Shop the Mark-down bins ( you can find  more than just food)
If you have any  wonderful grocery saving tips, please share. Click the link below for a copy of my free Grocery and Menu Planner.  Free Grocery & Menu Planner

Don’t forget to follow for more tips.                 Laina Larisse


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