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How to Make Your Own Snack Box

 Are you tired of spending $5 or more on a protein box from Starbucks? Or a snack box your local grocer? Do you wish you could have, a customize box with EVERYTHING suited to your taste? Well, if you do, you are in luck. You can have an affordable, fresh, and customized snack. Another bonus of making your own, is you can customize your macros to your needs. Plus, it’s right on time to help you get on track for your summer body weight loss goals.

Stores and coffee places are selling convenience at a steep price.  They call these boxes different names, but no matter what they are called they still aren’t affordable, and can  be caloric heavy.  Making your own box is a great alternative to an expensive subscription box or spending money on a snack box at the store. 


The sky is the limit with these boxes because you can customize them for your own nutritional needs. I chose to add more veggies to my box because my goal is to eat more vegetables, as I seem to struggle with getting my daily vegetable needs.






Snack Box Ideas

  • nuts
  • cottage cheese
  • cheese
  • tomatoes
  • crackers
  • meat
  • boiled eggs
  • fruit
  • Protein pudding
  • Oatmeal energy bites

Also, to get more use out of your containers, you can gently wash them out with mild soap and let it dry. The key to saving more money is to reuse them as much as possible. However, they are disposable in the event you are out and have to throw them away. Remember to measure everything, buy everything whole, and cut it up yourself. Reuse the containers as much as possible.  Happy, Healthy Eating!

Links to the containers:




Laina Larisse

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