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Food Series More With Less

“Due in part to the coronavirus pandemic, 17 million children – 1 in every 4 kids – may not know where they will get their next meal.” (Feed America)

Many people are suffering due to the pandemic. People are in danger of being evicted and have had to cut back on many expenses. Choices between food, rent, and utilities are being made all across the country. People are turning to food pantries or having to cut their grocery bill way down.

My hope is that this will help someone feed their family with whatever they are blessed with. This series More With Less is designed to provide options for meals with items given from discount stores, food pantries, and everyday groceries stores. If you are looking to save money on groceries out of necessity or desiring to be more intentional with saving money on groceries. Please subscribe and look for more to come from the More or Less Series.

Coming soon.

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