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More With Less- How to Get Help with Food

I know how difficult if can be to admit that you barely have money for groceries. Remember you are not alone and it is okay to get help. Below are some ways to get help with food assistance.

Food Assistance

  1. Government Food Program: This program can take some time and can require a lot of paperwork.
  2. Food Pantry: Is a designated site that provides food for those in need.

The government food program called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program or (SNAP) is a great temporary solution. Don’t be discouraged if you are over the poverty line and don’t qualify. There are other options!

A food pantry provides food to those in need at a designated place and time. During the pandemic some food pantries are utilizing the drive up service with limited in person shopping on sight.

How do I find a food pantry?

  1. Visit
  2. Visit
  3. Local Churches and Religious Establishment
  4. Google Food Pantries

Other Possible Option:

Some schools will provide take home food bags for students to help them get through the weekend.

Remember that if one method doesn’t work go to the next method. Also, if one food pantry isn’t able to help you go to the next pantry.

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