Inspirational Songs

Hey, if you're reading this, it's more than likely your struggles didn't stayed buried in 2018. I mean can't a girl catch a break. The daily demands of life just won't let you be.  Be encouraged and know, you have a tool to help you get through those nuances. A fairly easy and inexpensive way… Continue reading Inspirational Songs


Seasonal Inspired Pre-Workout Makeover

The weather in Texas has been very confusing, but it's getting cooler. I miss the Midwest winters with snow. In Texas, I can still wear sweaters, cozy up with a holiday themed book and drink tea. The feel of the holiday season, coupled with comfort food, and family really add a sense of peace and… Continue reading Seasonal Inspired Pre-Workout Makeover

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Eat Your Veggies

Did you wake up today from your food coma and black Friday shopping and realize you ate and spent too much? I never go out shopping on Black Friday, but I bought way too much food and it usually goes to waste. Especially, when you blend cultures and you prepare traditional Thanksgiving and ethnic foods.… Continue reading Eat Your Veggies