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More With Less- How to Get Help with Food

I know how difficult if can be to admit that you barely have money for groceries. Remember you are not alone and it is okay to get help. Below are some ways to get help with food assistance. Food Assistance Government Food Program: This program can take some time and can require a lot of… Continue reading More With Less- How to Get Help with Food

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Food Series More With Less "Due in part to the coronavirus pandemic, 17 million children - 1 in every 4 kids - may not know where they will get their next meal." (Feed America) Many people are suffering due to the pandemic. People are in danger of being evicted and have had to cut back on many expenses. Choices between… Continue reading Food Series More With Less

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How to Make Your Own Snack Box

 Are you tired of spending $5 or more on a protein box from Starbucks? Or a snack box your local grocer? Do you wish you could have, a customize box with EVERYTHING suited to your taste? Well, if you do, you are in luck. You can have an affordable, fresh, and customized snack. Another bonus of… Continue reading How to Make Your Own Snack Box

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Makeover Monday- Cajun Inspired Rice

Do you love Cajun rice?  Do you want some of the Cajun flavors without all the calories and carbs, while saving money. Then try this recipe using leftover food to create this Cajun inspired rice recipe. We all have days were we are unable to meal prep fully and need a flavorful meal on the… Continue reading Makeover Monday- Cajun Inspired Rice