Makeover Mondays- Speciality Coffee Container

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you hate the packages that some of the ground coffee comes in?  On occasion I will drink coffee, but mostly keep it on hand for company.  My favorite seasonal coffee flavor is pumpkin spice.  Whenever I find a flavor I like I grab it, and keep it on hand.… Continue reading Makeover Mondays- Speciality Coffee Container

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Goodbye, Sweet Apple Chamomile Tea!

Say it isn't so, I was online looking for my fall staple  Sweet  Apple  Chamomile  from  Celestial Seasoning.  And... They discontinued it, no more sweet apple like ever!  I'm almost out and have to make every sip count. In an ode to a favorite, I will review what I loved about it. Chamomile tea can sometimes have an unpleasant taste,… Continue reading Goodbye, Sweet Apple Chamomile Tea!