You may know an askhole or be one yourself, seeking advice for the same question yet, ignoring all suggestions or advice. This post isn't to change your mind as you wouldn't take advice anyway. I'm not perfect and Lord knows mistakes are made by me on a daily basis. However, I will not… Continue reading Askhole


4th of July, Pinterest Style

  I consider myself a Master Pinner and believe I can do everything pinned  on my board.  I will never have a Pintetest fail story, never, ever, well not this month at least. Now in reality, my creativity is there my execution, time, and skills may be on the novice side. This Independence day, I… Continue reading 4th of July, Pinterest Style


Get Online, Get Offline!

  I know, it's hard to pull yourself away from technology. Our phones allow us to have access to information and be contacted 24 hours a day. We sometimes live online and forget to live offline. We are so busy liking things instead of living and experiencing things. So, if you are ready to experience… Continue reading Get Online, Get Offline!