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Review of Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland 

I bought this on a whim and really didn't have high hopes or expectations for this tea. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the aroma and flavor.  It has the perfect balance of sweetness coupled with a hint of tartness. The color is a darkish redish tint. The aroma is that of sweetened cranberries. I… Continue reading Review of Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland 


Merry Christmas & Fitmas

  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. and you were able to spend time with the ones you love. Even if this Christmas was difficult for you hang in there. Also, be glad that Christmas music will end very soon. I love Christmas music, but I hear it everywhere and I need an ear… Continue reading Merry Christmas & Fitmas


Fall Activities 2016

Happy soon to be fall! Fall will be here on Thursday and it doesn't matter if you live in a place where there is beautiful foliage with cool weather or near the beach with sunny temperatures. Fall is coming and it is one of my favorite seasons. I find there are so many activities and… Continue reading Fall Activities 2016


Labor Day Menu

Labor Day is coming up soon, it's always the first Monday in September and right on time.  I usually  go to a friends house, barbecue, or do absolutely nothing. This year, I am challenging myself to do absolutely nothing.   In an effort to stop spending way too much on groceries, I am trying to plan my meals out to… Continue reading Labor Day Menu