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Oatmeal for Breakfast

Don't let oatmeal fool you into thinking it is boring and your mothers breakfast food. It really is awesome pantry staple.  It contains soluble fibers that help lower cholesterol  and insoluble fiber  that provides that prevents your bowels from being clogged up. Not only does it have health benefits its relatively inexpensive and can be… Continue reading Oatmeal for Breakfast


Makeover Monday- Creative Ways to Use Your Waffle Maker

I must confess my waffle maker probably gets used maybe 3 times a year.  It used to be one of the gadgets that I owned, and rarely got any use.  Admit it, you have that one thing you bought  because you couldn't live without it.  That one hit wonder, kitchen gadget that takes up space.… Continue reading Makeover Monday- Creative Ways to Use Your Waffle Maker


Soups & Stews,Oh My!

Soups and stews have infiltrated my meal prep for the week.  The weather in Texas has been a little bit on the cold side, so I'm craving comfort food that sticks to my ribs without the calories. Also, I'm feeling a little on the tired side.  Today is my last day of vacation and I… Continue reading Soups & Stews,Oh My!