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How to Make Your Own Snack Box

 Are you tired of spending $5 or more on a protein box from Starbucks? Or a snack box your local grocer? Do you wish you could have, a customize box with EVERYTHING suited to your taste? Well, if you do, you are in luck. You can have an affordable, fresh, and customized snack. Another bonus of… Continue reading How to Make Your Own Snack Box

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4 Ways to Stay On Top of Things

“Out of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.” ― Mark Twain I don't know about you, but the same 24 hours in a day seem to be shorter. There's more to do and accomplish than ever.  However, doing them with any type of illness coupled with the demands of… Continue reading 4 Ways to Stay On Top of Things


Monday Makeover-Pizza Shorcut

It's makeover Monday and I have been craving pizza. My favorite pizza is Marcos Pizza, but I can't afford to fit it in nutritionally because it's pumpkin spice season. I prefer to allocate my macros towards treat meals with pumpkin spice or candy corn. Pizza doesn't have to be the enemy with a few simple… Continue reading Monday Makeover-Pizza Shorcut