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Pinch Me

Have you ever wanted to try products for free, but don't want to waste your hard earned money until you are sure you will like the products and they are a good investment. Is your time limited and the thought of Googling, scrolling, and combing through tons of You Tube channels seems daunting? Do you… Continue reading Pinch Me

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Goodbye, Sweet Apple Chamomile Tea!

Say it isn't so, I was online looking for my fall staple  Sweet  Apple  Chamomile  from  Celestial Seasoning.  And... They discontinued it, no more sweet apple like ever!  I'm almost out and have to make every sip count. In an ode to a favorite, I will review what I loved about it. Chamomile tea can sometimes have an unpleasant taste,… Continue reading Goodbye, Sweet Apple Chamomile Tea!

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Review of Cookie Pop- Cookies & Cream

  I own two popcorn makers and make popcorn frequently. I don't believe in paying $5.o0 for popcorn, I can make at home.  However, I found this flavor at Kroger on a recent grocery haul.  The sugar and carb content wasn't terribly horrible for an occasional treat.  Occasional, beause it does contain high fructose corn syrup and some… Continue reading Review of Cookie Pop- Cookies & Cream


Beat the Heat, Add Passion!

  I'm used to having  four seasons, fall, winter, spring, and summer. I feel like it allows me to dabble in my love of warm seasonal teas.  However, I made a decision almost a year ago, to move to Texas and forgo, well my version of winter and fall. No more snow or watching the… Continue reading Beat the Heat, Add Passion!